OS Giken - Transmission

OS Giken Close Ratio Gear Kits are developed for those seeking improved drive train reliability and faster lap times. Gear ratios are carefully calculated for each vehicle application for the sole intention to maximize your engine's potential. Each OS gear component has been carefully designed and created using high-quality forged materials resulting in extra strength and durability.

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Transmission - Alignment Tools
OS Giken clutches are made to very tight tolerances and is the reason why we offer separately forged billet center alignment tools to eliminate the slack found commonly from plastic center...More Details »
Transmission - Close Ratio Gear Kits
Performance driving and high output engines puts strain on the drivetrain and can sometimes lead to failing components, such as broken gears or input shafts. The goal of the OS Giken Close Ratio...More Details »
Transmission - OS-88 Sequential Transmission
-For Nissan RB26DETT We have designed this sequential transmission to specifically fit the engine characteristics of Nissan's RB26DETT engine to allow it to perform to its maximum...More Details »