OS Giken - Performance Clutch

Performance Clutch
Our integrated clutch and flywheel packages increase transmission efficiency and engine response. Our clutches and flywheels are built within strict tolerances and crafted using carefully selected materials to provide the highest quality and durability.
It is highly recommended to not go beyond 70%-80% of the clutch's maximum capacity to endure longevity of the clutch.

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Performance Clutch - Super Single
Our Super Single Clutch series is an ideal choice as a replacement to the original equipment clutch and flywheel and provides your vehicle with quicker response and higher performance. The Super...More Details »
Performance Clutch - Grand Touring
The Grand Touring Clutch is our latest development to our clutch lineup. It retains the technology from our Multi-plate Clutches, but with the addition of our unique floating pressure system to...More Details »
Performance Clutch - STR Series
The STR Clutch line-up was designed to hold high capacity power while still retaining a relatively light clutch pedal. This technology was driven from our racer's demand for a lighter clutch during...More Details »
Performance Clutch - TS Series
The TS Clutch Series line-up is the original technology used since the birth of OS Giken. This style of clutch has stood the test of time for good reason. It is capable of handling light to medium...More Details »
Performance Clutch - TR Series
The TR Clutch series line-up was designed for vehicles which have substantial increases in engine power. This clutch is often found in time attack track cars and Pro-Am drift vehicles to handle...More Details »
Performance Clutch - Additional Parts
It is recommended that multi-plate clutches use an appropriate alignment tool. Need to overhaul your clutch? We have Overhaul Kit A & B available for all offered clutches. Movement...More Details »
Performance Clutch - R Series
The R Clutch series line-up is our highest capacity clutch and is specifically designed for vehicles with a significant increase in engine power. Our unique floating center hub design is built to...More Details »